Immune Profiling Innovation Lab

We are creating technologies that will enable us to understand the complete infection history of patients by deciphering systemic and tissue immune states before, during, and after an infectious challenge. One of the therapeutic goals is to understand how, when, and in which patients the growing portfolio of immune-modulating therapies can be deployed during an infection.

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Jacques Deguine, Ph.D

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415 Main St. Rm. 7007 Cambridge, MA 02142

Scaling serological approaches

We aim to scale both phage and yeast-display systems to profile existing antibodies responses to pathogens, commensal microbes and self-antigens in serum.

Charting immune repertoires

By combining sorting approaches, single cell sequencing and functional evaluation of isolated T and B cell receptors, we aim to enable at scale mapping of adaptive immune responses.

Functional profiling of responses

Cytokine profiling of stimulated cells reveals distinct functional profiles both in healthy subjects and during acute and chronic infections. We will track responses to a range a stimuli, including a range of pathogens of interests.